Friday, February 11, 2011

Catch Up

Catch Up

2011 is here and with it came a fancy camera that I am not at all able to use yet. Despite this, pictures abound.

Grant attended his first Razorback game last week – to mom’s delight it was basketball :)

We have been making use of the deserted playground in our neighborhood and G has mastered the art of the slide!

Snow found its’ way to us this past week as it does faithfully once a year. This year there were no fun snow day outings as it was melting by the time Grant was up for the day. It did make for a few indoor play days with all of the new Christmas toys.

Speaking of Christmas, it did actually happen in our house, but it was the last straw for the old camera so I have a precious few from the event.

There’s the proof :)

For FYI purposes, my new camera is a Canon 50d with a standard zoom lens. I’m really pleased with the quality and my issues with it are firmly user error at this point.

I plan on kidnapping my friend Amber (of Amber Tran Photography) as soon as she is in town and forcing her to explain this new technology to me in small, slow phrases.

My nightly red wine and internet surfing promises to give way to actual family time next week and I’m just holding my breath. Jon has been with the oil company for 2 years. On call 24/7 and never home. It took him a year and a half to find a job that will give him hours that will allow him to go back to school. He starts Monday and he’s out on his last oil job run as I type.

I have dreams of scheduling my days and actually making weekly meal plans and relearning to cook. My business will of course somehow derail these fluffy - thoughts but I do hope to not feel so frazzled all the time. I think I expect the clouds to part and angels to sing as soon as Jon gets home from his last job tonight. This job of his has just been so stressful and hard on both of us. I am hoping he can be happy in his day to day now and see more of Grant. We need more of these moments …

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