Friday, February 11, 2011

Birthday Bonanza

Birthday Bonanza

Birthday week continues here, today Jon is 26. He is still sound asleep as he has been out on the rigs all night the last 2 nights. I’m actually surprised he is getting to be home at all.

Here is Jon at the height of my ‘celebrate my husband’s birthday’ phase

Compare this image to last years’ one shot of the birthday boy …

(notice how he is only in the background as someone else is holding the baby haha)

Poor Jon, the minute G was born his birthday faded into oblivion. I mean you can’t really compete with a baby! Last year, it was my parents, frozen lasagna, and my drug induced haze all in our bedroom for his birthday dinner.

We combined his gift giving with Grant’s on Tuesday as it was his last day off, hopefully he will be home some and we can enjoy his birthday together a bit. We are debating heading to Little Rock to see Eric Church and Luke Bryan for his birthday at the end of the month. I say debating because it’s an outdoor venue in July in the South. I may be the only one wavering but dang it could be hot … guess I should buy the tickets thou :)

Jon likes to remind me that no matter what, he will always be younger than me. I then pick a fight that starts ‘well what if I die first’ which leads to Jon claiming that he “called” dying first long ago … yes we really do have this ‘fight’, we literally sit there and argue about who goes first when we’re old … yeah not morbid at all …

On that happy note, Happy Birthday Jon!

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