Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Catch Up Post #2 - New Lens!

Super Exciting news - I bought a new camera lens! I know, right?! Ok. well it's exciting to me. I really wasn't super happy with the speed of my old lens or how it worked in low light. My husband also was mortified every time I pulled it out because it was so large.

I got a Cannon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Standard Auto Focus Lens (here)

It makes my camera much lighter and easier to handle for day to day use (I have a Cannon 50D camera BTW) and for my house, which lacks natural light, it is far superior to my old lens.

Grant came to see me at work - I don't have a rose cloth covered couch in my house :)  (I mean I WOULD have one, I just don't - sad) Grant on the rose couch is kind of my version of a pic of him on the Easter bunny's lap haha.

This was taken at night, in our super dark family room - this is a huge improvement!

Playing Catch Up #1 - Easter

I have worked two of the biggest weddings of my career so far in the last two weeks so the blog has been a bit lacking. I apologize. I'll try and get caught up asap!

Easter was a hit with G. Despite the two weeks of rain we were stuck in the middle of, we still 'hunted' eggs inside and when it was discovered that some of the eggs held his beloved 'choo choos' he was totally sold.

Please notice the amazingly deceptive hiding places we chose - who would think to look on 'baby bronco's' head!?


After loving on his new Elmo and testing out the trains, we went to my parent's for more Easter fun complete with yet another basket of goodies.

testing out the musical instruments with 'Pop Pop'

'Aunt' Amanda spent the day with us (because I'm sure she doesn't feel she sees us enough as it is!)

Grant loves his bubbles - sometimes it's the first thing he says in the morning, that or waffle.

So Easter was a success - and my favorite part - Grant now has Tiny Toms!

Perhaps next year we will actually be able to go to Church for ya know, the real reason for the Easter baskets.
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