Friday, February 11, 2011

Book Love; or Apparently I am Really 14

Book Love; or apparently I am really 14

I am a huge book nerd, as in my Kindle might be my favorite thing of all time. I always scan book discussion boards to see what’s ‘all the rage’ and a few months ago I decided to try out “The Hunger Games” which I had been hearing about. It was touted as a Young Adult series that was becoming popular for all ages. I read the first one and loved it but the second wasn’t available for my Kindle so I just kind of forgot about it.

Then last week I randomly checked and there it was available for my Kindle, so with a click and 30 seconds I was reading the second book “Catching Fire”. Now when I read books I don’t read a few chapters every night before bed, I devour them in a day like a crazy-lady. So a few hours after buying the second book, I was on the hunt for the third. Turned out “Mockinjay” the third installment was days away from release so I waited.

Now I have all three reads under my belt and I have to say it was one of the most intense and thought provoking reading experiences I’ve had. I will say, in no way do I see this as an appropriate series for the young adult section as extreme violence and gore is central to all three books. I also think many of the themes may go right over the heads of kids leaving them with a bloody action novel. I think high school would be the earliest I’d want to be reading it.

It’s a series you want to talk out, so if you’ve read it or plan to, let’s go get coffee and chat about it!

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