Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wine Dinner, or Pretending We Are Grown-Ups for the Night

This post is crazy overdue - I just keep forgetting to write it. It also straddles the fence between wether it belongs here or on my work blog but it's going here so that I can have more commentary freedom.

Last month (yes, month, I'm behind) Jon and I went to a wine dinner at Hardscrabble with John and Amanda. The food was 7 or so courses of heaven and the wine rep on hand made sure we had a great selection of libations to wash it all down with.

I headed over to the club early to snap some pics of the set up for Amanda to have for her work blog (althou I think she's just as behind as me).

Maybe you eat with this many forks on a regular basis, but I assure you the Hardins do not.

I think this is the sign of a good evening, friends and an overabundance of wine glasses.

A shot of dessert, because it was just so so SO pretty.

In case you are a 'foodie' I snapped 2 legible pics of the menu, take a gander, you're going to be jealous!

I'm ultimately glad I am documenting this outing as there is no telling when the next time we will get dressed up and go out will be. The amusing thing is I am at the club looking presentable quite often but that's what I get paid for as it turns out, not how I relax and have fun.

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  1. Truly an awesome night with great company! Oh yeah, and the food was pretty amazing, too. I eat with that many forks on a routine basis so I can't imagaine why on Earth you were overwhelmed with them. =)


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