Monday, April 11, 2011

Why Grant May Soon Look Like A Girl and Our Tiny Trip to Texas

First let's take a moment to look at how cute the new blog design is! Yay! Thanks to A Mommy's Sweet Design for making it for me! Now on to my ramblings...

Well we attempted the first professional haircut last week ... fail.

Despite John's (of Mr John's and long time family friend) best efforts to win over the testy toddler, Grant was having none of the 'stranger touching my hair' bit. The meltdown was pretty epic and I'm thinking we won't be trying this again anytime soon.

It started out with so much promise ...

but soon G started looking concerned ...

the pictures end there because we ran out of there before we scared off all of the other customers (and Melissa who is the fabulous make-up artist that works there who is pregnant with her own Grant!)

So we went home and searched for Easter eggs in a new book. Who needs haircuts - he can be a 'granola' kid.

We have added a new toy to the ever expanding backyard haven. Grant is a fan - and it serves a purpose as G gets overheated very easily.

What else is new you might ask - well let me tell you, a carry over from last week's post about my internet shopping addiction that's what. This arrived in the mail and I LURVE it.

Ordered it from THIS etsy shop.

(pretend a sensical segue happened here)

One of both Jon and my favorite sights is this ...

and it's been far too long since we've seen it lately. Pre baby we ran down to Fort Worth for the weekend or to hang out at a horse show all the time. Post baby, we've done that once. Saturday we made a crazy fast trip down to horse country however so that we could drop one of the not-so-baby-anymore horses at the trainers. She now gets to reside here while she learns her stuff.
We got to see two of our oldest friends while we were there and I meant to take a zillion pictures of them but we got talking and I just forgot. We already have big plans to go back with more time for fun in the near future.

We were inspired to make Texas at least seem like it lasted through the weekend so we enjoyed some Texas beer (mmm tastes like college) and wine once we returned home. (We bought several TX wines I've never tried, this is the first we've opened. It was ok - for $20 a bottle it could have been better, I'll review the rest as well)

Jon and I miss Texas like crazy but can't wait to start taking Grant when he's old enough. Jon's got his fingers crossed G won't be horse crazy like we are but who are we kidding?

Take a look around the updated blog and enjoy!


  1. My boys never wanted to get their hair cut as first either. Now they do pretty well. It just took 30 or so haircuts!

  2. Love the blog design!!

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  3. I agree...who needs a haircut!!!

  4. Precious pics! Quite the photog!

    comment hour stop


  5. Pretty blog! it's so hard to get them to sit still for that first haircut!

  6. stopping by from comment hour. very cute pictures:)

  7. Hey there! Visiting from Comment Hour!

    OMG, good for you drinking Ziegen Bock! Do you ever drink Shiner??? Your little guy is adorable. I love his little smile.


  8. No place like Texas is there? Glad you got to visit.

  9. Young boys often have minds of their own! Stopping by from comment hour. I'm Just One Donna from

  10. I have pictures of my daughters' first hair cut. No fits were thrown but it was dicey.

  11. Visiting with SITS comment hour love. 1) Grant is SO cute! 2) I too love red wine! 3) Love the design!!!!

  12. Visiting from #CommentHour! Wait til you see my son's hair before his first haircut! He DID look like a girl. My mom joked that she couldn't tell him and his sister apart. Ah well, who cares as long as they're happy.

  13. G is adorable! Fanastic pics!!!

  14. Great pics! It's about time for our oldest's 1st haircut, and i am so nervous about him having a meltdown. He loooves his hair :)

  15. Great pictures



  16. I never had much of a problem with my kids and getting their hair cuts when they were younger. I have heard of parents waiting 'til the kids were asleep to cut the hair... an option if it really bugs you.

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  17. Welcome back to the great state of Texas. Ya'll come back now ya hear!

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  18. Hello, I'm stopping by from You Like Me blog hop:) This is a lovely new blog design! Great pictures and nice story about the haircut :))
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  22. My youngest screamed bloody murder when she got her hair cut for the first time. She's 3 and she absolutely hated it. So I understand that! :)

    I'm your newest follower from the Friday blog hops! Hopefully you can hop on over to our blog and follow us as well! :) Have a great weekend!

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  23. I noticed you did link up to the You Like Me Blog Hop over at A Mommy's Sweet Blog Design but I ended up finding you through her Portfolio...

    Anyways, my son doesn't "do" haircuts either. Well, the haircut gets accomplished but they have to sit him in front of the fish tank to occupy his mind. LOL :)

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