Monday, April 18, 2011

Colder Weather & Good Things

I had such high hopes for what this blog post would be. A photo montage of a gorgeous weekend filled with friends and events ... yeah that was pretty much a fail.

Friday, Jon and I headed to Mulberry Mountain to meet Leigh and Tim for a MUCH anticipated Zac Brown Band concert. Having never been to this venue, I was completely unprepared for the mud field that it was thanks to the previous night's storms. The situation worsened when we realized the 30 mph winds and freezing mist was not going to let up for the entire night. ZBB finally got on stage 2 hours late (the production company had some major issues - should have hired an event planner - I know one haha j/k) and put on an amazing show. I'm pretty sure it was cut short because they couldn't feel their fingers to play but it was still fun to see one of our favorites live and spend time with Leigh & Tim.

There's no way I was taking my precious camera out in those conditions but here is the pic ZBB posted on their site.

Zac Brown Band's photo: Holy crap, last night was cold & nasty. Thanks for stickin' it out with us, Arkansas.
Zac Brown Band on WhoSay

My arthritis is still screaming at me for this concert choice ugh

Sunday we headed to Nicole and Zac's couples shower in Sallisaw - well we tried. Just a note to shower hosts in general, if Mapquest doesn't recognize the road your event is on, a direction card is called for.

Jon and I spent the 2 hours we meant to spend with Nicole and Zac driving around lost as can be. I finally resigned myself to calling Nicole and leaving a message stating that we were sadly giving up. Nicole actually had her phone on her though and got us (finally) to the shower (YAY!). As soon as we pulled up to Zac's cousin's place where the shower was being held, we were totally glad we made it. This place was a DREAM. Jon and I quickly dumped the shower gift off and gave ourselves a tour (we had to be fast as most guests were already leaving haha). I snapped some iPhone pics and didn't even feel bad about it as everyone else was doing the same thing, we were all in awe.

The second pic is in the bathroom people, the bathroom!

Anyways, so while our luck this weekend was questionable, we got to see some great friends and had a great time overall.

The products in today's Good Things are kind of contradictory but oh well.

I am loving these sandwich thins that my parents discovered at Sams recently, they are healthy AND Grant will eat them, score.

Saturday, Grant and I headed to my parents' and made these edible eggs - they were delicious, easy, and cute. Mainly they were easy as you've all seen what happens when I try to bake :) 

I can't wait to put together and snap some pics of G's Easter basket for next week! Have a lovely week and welcome to all my new followers!

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  1. I also love those sandwich thins, so yummy....and those chocolate dipped rice krispies are too cute!! My kids would love them, who am i kidding, i would love them too!


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