Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Insanity or Innovation; you decide

So this face ...

has Croup - it sucks, a lot. Oh and if the gasping to breathe during coughing fits wasn't enough, he's still clinging to an ear infection that just won't die. Between that and the first wedding of the year, the past few days have been nuts!

(pretend I had some sensical segue)

Baking racks, the wire cooling ones, are a problem for me. In that I can NEVER remember to buy one. And inevitably it hinders my baking efforts. Tonight, I stumbled upon a new blog and saw THIS recipe for banana chocolate chip muffins. I had a few bananas past their prime and I thought it might be a nice treat for the sick kiddo (no idea if he'll even try them).

Of course they need to cool air to get all around them for sogginess to be avoided, and yet no wire racks once again. Then I had a clearly brilliant idea and here is what my kitchen now looks like ....

Yes, 3 large colanders, not a single baking rack - hence why my cooking is far superior to my baking.

(another smooth segue happened here, I swear)

So at our wedding Sat, the bride decided to have goldfish as part of her centerpieces - there were a few not claimed by the children at the reception so Grant now has the most pampered 15 cent feeder goldfish around.

One perk of the job is that I often end up with a leftover centerpiece at my house for a day or two - pretty huh?

I have lots of fun cooking posts coming asap! And follow the blog; I feel lame with my 1 follower (thanks Tammy! :) ) haha


  1. Make that 2 followers! I just realized you even had this. =) Great idea with cooling the muffins! They look delicious!! The centerpieces are gorgeous!! Love it! I'm sure you will have plenty of centerpieces at your house long about the first of May ;-)

    Hope G is feeling better!


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