Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Good Things

Random things I love at the moment -

I love this company - Amanda found it and passed it on. I loved agendas in high school and college, there's something satisfying about having a meeting or event down on paper and scratching though it when your done. (Maybe it's just me). As much as I love my iPhone calendar, being able to see your weeks and months spread out on paper just makes me happy. I. AM. A. DORK.

Here's my new planner;

(I even love the packaging!)

Also, I'm not a girly-girl, I don't have a skin regime or take care of my nails, nothing of the sort. But this stuff is like crack - I put it on constantly. If you are local you can get it at Mr. John's. If not get it here.

I also love Build-A-Bear. I have for long before I had Grant. I credit it to my deep love for stuffed animals from childhood, one step further, from the fact that I always got an awesome stuffed animal when we traveled to hospitals in Texas for my arthritis and scoliosis. Clearly that was the trip highlight.

Grant got his first build-a-bear Sunday. ok it's a bunny, but he loves him!

(sorry crappy phone pics)

I'm working on some new recipes to post - work has just been nutso!


  1. I love my erin condren calendar!! I even ordered one for my mother and a dear friend as a gift. Such a fun company.

  2. I first fell in love with those calendars when a bloggy friend shared about her wedding planner. One of these days I'm actually going to order one for myself. :)


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